The Pirate Panther Princess By David Walbert

Published by Falanouc Press

© Copyright 2022 David Walbert. All Rights Reserved.

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On the deck of a ship,
on the dark tumbling waves of a vast uncharted sea,
stood the Pirate Panther Princess.
Few knew just how she had taken that name.
Once, venturing out alone upon the great seas
and needing the courage of a noble name,
she had called herself Panther, the silent stalker of the lonely dark.
Those who loved her (and they were many)
believed her a princess.
Those who feared her (and they too were many)
called her a pirate.
And so she had become, to all who asked her name,
the Pirate Panther Princess.
None dared ask another.

map of the known world, including points visited
		by the Pirate Panther Princess